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New Products

Nidec Corp has introduced an entire series of efficiency optimized fans, including a 38mm X 28mm, 40mm X 28mm, 60mm X 38mm, 80mm x 38mm, and a 120mm X 38mm.

Nidec Corp has also introduced a miniature motor that has a diaphragm pump attached; this combo is designed for air or fluid operation. This new line of motor/pumps is designed to function in pressurization mode or vacuum mode. Flow rates from 300ml/min to 3000ml/min.

Expocell has released a high capacity Li-Ion 26650 battery as well as a high capacity LiFePO4 26650.

Minmax has released over 50 new Dc to Dc converters (High isolation, high efficiency, ultra-high isolation, new smaller packages, higher wattages, and medically approved versions of each).

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