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Manufacturers Represented


  • Broad-line Magnetic Component Manufacturer

  • Manufacturing Chokes, Coils

  • EMI Suppressors

  • Ferrite Beads

  • Power & RF Inductors

  • Transformers

  • No charge Ferrite Bead Kits​


  • Expocell has been manufacturing batteries for over 20 years. Expocell has three manufacturing plants producing in excess of 700 million batteries per year. Expocell offers all the battery chemistries ( Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lithium Coin cells, Nickle Metal Hydride, Alkaline coin cells, and Std Alkaline cell AA, AAA, C, D & 9V. Expocell offers custom battery packs in every chemistry as well as battery chargers.​​​


  • Jasper Electronics is one of the fastest-growing companies in the power supply industry. Jasper’s business model is structured to offer the best combination of technical services as well as world-class costing from its manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China.

  • Jasper offers a wide range of power supplies ranging from Compact PCI, Desk Top, Hot Swap, Micro TCA, Open Frame, and Wall Adapters.

  • Custom Power supplies to drive Leds, as well as each power supply category listed above.​​


  • AC to DC Power Modules

  • DC to DC Converters

  • Chassis & Din-Rail mounting 20 – 60W DC to DC converter

  • Cost Optimized 10W DC to DC Converter

  • High Power Density 2W DC to DC converter

  • Highest Power Density 25- 50W DC to DC Converter

  • Railway Application 50 to 75W DC to DC Converter

  • Ultra-Compact Dimension 3W AC to DC Power Module

  • Ultra-Wide 2:1 and 4:1 Input Range 3W Dc to DC Converter​​


  • Nidec offers a complete line of DC fans, from 40mm through 172 mm, with an extensive offering of output options such as PWM, Tach, Rpm, Locked rotor, etc.

  • Nidec offers a complete line of DC Blowers

  • Over the past three decades, Nidec has developed an extensive number of special-purpose and general use brushless dc motors. These products are designed to meet a wide variety of demanding customer requirements in all types of Commercial, Industrial and Medical applications, which include:

    • Outer Rotor, Inner Rotor, Hall Effect, and Sensorless Motors

    • Single Phase and Three-Phase Motors

    • Single Direction and Bi-Directional Motors

    • Motors with Diameters of 1 inch to 3.34 inches

    • Motors with 100mW to 200W (1/7500 HP to ¼ HP) Output

    • Motors that operate at Voltages Ranging from 5 to 48 VDC​


  • 800,000+ sq ft facility, with 4200 employees

  • 27 years in business, listed on the Singapore Exchange, HQ located in Hong Kong

  • Technical staff of 220 to support, NPI, DFM, DFT, PCB layout, Electronics hardware, Production, Mechanical, Hardware, Quality Engineering, Plastics (Tooling & Molds)

  • Wide NPI knowledge pool and experience   

  • 22 SMT Fuji XT2, XP-series lines, (SPI, AOI, X Ray, 0201 chip, PoP, 0.4mm fine pitch, CSP, BGA & Micro BGA & Thru-Hole.

  • Production facilities are all temperature, humidity, ESD controlled environment.

  • Complete Turnkey Electro Box build product assembly, functional testing, bulk pack & blister pkg

  • 60 Sets of Plastic injection molding, 50-650 tons injection molding machines 

  • Metal stamping capabilities, 10 – 160 tons stamping machines

  • Secondary Operations (spray painting, printing, welding,etc)

  • Vertical Integration

  • Flexible work cell, in-line subassembly, Pull system, Kanban WIP between stations, dedicated operators on all critical processes.

  • Data Management system for NPI, FAI submission, ECN validation & Approval, DFM & DFT

  • Reliability & Environment testing in-house (EMC, high low temp, humidity, drop test, burn-in, ALT & Vibration)

  • ISO9001, TL9000, ISO14001, ISO13485, TS16949, IPC Class III, ESD / ANSI, Apple MFI, ROHS Compliance

  • Supply Chain management, product configuration, direct fulfillment, repair support  

  • Serving Automotive, Commercial, Consumer, Medical, Industrial and Telecommunications Markets

  • Presently manufacturing for several companies you will recognize such as; 3M, Delphi, Dura Cell, Kitchen Aid, Newell Rubbermaid, Philips, United Technologies & Whirlpool 

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